The Worst of MySpace*

Disasters of social networking

Top Ten MySpace Cliches

  1. Horrible page design: Do you like hurting people’s eyes? Was there some reason you thought people could read yellow text on top of some god-awful background picture? Do you really want people to read your page, or are you just bored?
  2. Shirtless dudebro self-portrait in the bathroom mirror: My, you’re a narcissistic a**hole.
  3. Music: I like everything!”: It’s not true. You don’t like everything, and if you do, you lack what’s called “taste”.
  4. “Books: Reading waht is that lol lol”: It was cool to be dumb back in 6th grade. Now you’re just a moron.
  5. The stupid f**king sideways heart (<3): akhgiuahsgl *&#@%” Dammit, I hate this!
  6. Sh**ty holding-camera-at-arm’s-length self-portrait: Look, at least have a friend take it.
  7. Streaming Top 40 video: I’ve heard it seven million times. Thanks for making me listen to it again.
  8. This stupid kissing-on-the-beach photo: worst-kissing-fuckers.jpg
  9. Porn stars/supermodels on your friend list: They’re fake, moron.
  10. “Heroes: My parents”: Booooring!